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Your Cloud Nine irons are designed to be a robust product; however, due to their state-of-the-art technology, they do have a number of delicate features. Simply follow the guidelines below to ensure you continue enjoying the same incredible results for the lifetime of your irons.

Here’s to many years of styling success!

• Always switch your irons off when you’ve finished using them.

• Take care to make sure the styling plates never come into contact with any heat-sensitive materials or surfaces unless they are fully cooled to room temperature.

• Remember to keep the mains power cord well away from the plates while they are still hot.

• Before storing your irons, always allow them to cool down completely, or use the special heat guard provided.

• We recommend that when storing your irons, you never wrap the power cord tightly around them. Instead, keep it loosely coiled, to avoid putting undue pressure on the electrical connections.


• Remember to always unplug your The O pod before storing it.

• Always store your The O pod on a clean, dry and level surface free from any obstructions.

• Store your rollers separately - never store them within the pod.

• When moving and storing your The O pod, handle it with care and be careful not to shake or drop it as it can be easily damaged.


It’s important to remember just how hot your irons get during use - typically between 100°C-200°C - so you need to always use them carefully. Just follow these simple rules to enjoy super-safe styling:

• Never use your irons near water, either at home or in a salon.

• Be careful to avoid touching the plates until they are completely cool.

• Always keep hairsprays and styling aids at a safe distance from your irons.

• Remember - your irons are a professional styling tool, so only let competent adults use them.

Always check your irons before using them, to check they haven’t been accidentally damaged. If you do see any damage, either on the body of the irons, the power cord or the plug - don’t use them. Seek advice from an approved electrician or call us on +27 860 104 109 or email us on


• Before switching your pod on, make sure it’s placed securely on a flat, dry, clean surface that’s free from any obstructions.

• Never place anything other than genuine Cloud Nine rollers in the pod, whether that’s another type of roller or something else.

• Never place any metallic items in your pod.

• Never use The O in the bathroom or near water.

• DO NOT reheat a roller until the heat indication spot has turned black.

• Be careful not to shake or drop your pod.

• Always unplug The O after use and store securely, as per the storage instructions above.


We want you to be happy with your purchase. So to be 100% certain that you’re buying a genuine Cloud Nine product, make sure you purchase it from an approved stockist or via our website.

Remember to keep your original proof of purchase.

All irons are subject to a warranty period however you may have an iron which is already out of warranty and cannot be exchanged or repaired free of charge. Before you return your iron please send the model number of your iron to, and we will check if it is still under warranty or not.


Every Cloud Nine product is created to the highest standards and thoroughly checked before it leaves us. But if for any reason you need to return a Cloud Nine product we’ll ensure the whole process is as simple and speedy as possible.

We offer a 12 month replacement or repair guarantee on all electrical items, and 6 months for The O rollers subject to the fault being a manufacturer error. We undertake to provide you with a replacement product subject to the terms of this guarantee and in accordance with the consumer protection act.

In order to qualify for an additional 12 month manufactures repairs guarantee in addition to the original 12 months replacement guarantee, you must activate it by registering your product online within 14 days from date of purchase here.

Should your styler not be covered by the warranty, either by falling outside of the period or as a result of a fault not due to a manufacturing defect, you will be given the option to trade in your styler for a new one for which we will cover the courier costs back to you. Should you opt for the repair, courier and repair costs will be applicable.

The timeline in this case is 10 to 15 working days, with an additional 3-5 working days in outlying areas, provided the decision to repair or trade in does not cause any further delays.


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