Recycling Terms & Conditions


1. Cloud Nine*, subject to these terms and conditions, is offering a ‘Recycling Service’, whereby we will WEEE recycle your current or old hair straightening iron (the “Product”), from any brand, for and on behalf of you, (being a person aged 18 or over, who is a resident and living in South Africa at the time of sending the Product to Cloud Nine).

2. A drop off location and delivery address in your region has been provided, for you to drop off or courier your Product to us. The delivery addresses are accessible via

3. There is no restriction on the age of the Product you are sending to us to recycle.

4. Subject to these terms and conditions, there is no limit to the number of Products you wish to send to Cloud Nine, as part of this service.

5. If you have sent your Product(s) to Cloud Nine via a courier service, please ensure to clearly mark “FOR RECYCLING PURPOSES” on the package.

6. It is your responsibility to track the parcel, should you courier your Product(s) to the delivery address in your region. Cloud Nine does not accept any liability for any lost Product(s).

7. Although we will be under no obligation to track, or inform you of your Product(s)’s journey through the recycling process; your Product(s) parts will be re-used where possible and if this cannot be achieved due to safety or resource constraints, we will endeavour to WEEE recycle all remaining Products received through this service.

8. You agree that, by sending your Product(s) to Cloud Nine, you are transferring the ownership of such Product(s) and the rights to use such Product(s) to Cloud Nine.

9. [For the avoidance of doubt, the Cloud Nine Recycling Service is a standalone service, which should be viewed as being completely separate to our Cloud Nine Product Warranty and Cloud Nine Returns Process, ( (, or our [Cloud Nine Terms & Conditions], ( If you have any doubts or concerns over which process to follow and therefore which terms and conditions apply, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services by email ( or phone (0860 104 109).

10. This service is offered to individual consumers only and is not offered to any firm, company or partnership in any form of commercial arrangement.

11. Cloud Nine reserves the right to withdraw this service, at any time, without notice.

12. *Cloud Nine is distributed in South Africa by Modern Hair & Beauty (registered as Modern Hair Products & Services (Pty) Ltd. In South Africa).


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